Trident recalls sanitation system for pools because of fire hazard

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May 30, 2014—Trident Ultraviolet recalled its Series 2 Ultraviolet Sanitation System for pools, because electrical arcing can cause the unit to catch fire.

The sanitation system consists of a gray tube that’s 32 inches high and 11 inches in diameter. It is a secondary sanitation system that’s used in conjunction with chemical sanitizers. The pool’s water runs through the unit and is sanitized by ultraviolet lamps. “Trident Ultraviolet Corporation,” “Series 2” and “UV Ultraviolet Sanitation System” are printed on a black label that’s on the front of the unit. “Trident Series 2 Ultraviolet Water Treatment System” and a series of letters for the date code are printed on a silver sticker on the units. Go to to check whether the date code is included in the recall.

The product was sold by pool companies nationwide from February 2009 through September 2013. Trident received 38 reports of the sanitation systems that melted or caught fire, which include a burn injury to a consumer’s hand and $23,000 in property damage. Consumers should unplug the unit from the outlet. If it’s hard-wired, the power source should be disconnected or turned off at the circuit breaker. Consumers also should contact Trident for a free repair kit.

For more information, consumers should call Trident at 855/522-8200 Monday–Friday 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. PT, email or go to