Travelocity must pay $180,000 for violating full-fare regulations

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For the second time this month, Department of Transportation fined an online travel agency for violating full-fare advertising regulations.

Travelocity was fined $180,000 by DOT on July 27 for excluding fuel surcharges in some of its advertised airfares.

The full-fare-advertising regulations, which require that all fees and government taxes are published as part of a fare, went into effect in January 2012. The rules apply to airlines and ticket agencies.

DOT found that Travelocity misused its “flexible dates tool,” which compares airfare prices from lowest to highest. Those prices that didn’t include fuel surcharges gave consumers the impression that the prices were lower than what consumers actually would pay.

In addition, Travelocity didn’t disclose a $29.95 paper-ticket delivery fee until the final transaction page.

On July 13, DOT fined TripAdvisor $80,000 for violating the full-fare advertising regulation.