Six Flags Great America to build record-breaking roller coaster

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Six Flags Entertainment

Six Flags Entertainment said it will unveil a record-breaking wooden roller coaster in 2014 at its Great America amusement park.

Goliath will be the fastest and have the tallest and steepest drop among all wooden roller coasters in the world, Six Flags says. The roller coaster will travel at a maximum of 72 mph and include a 180-foot, 85-degree drop.

Goliath is expected to open in spring 2014. Great America is located in Gurnee, Ill., which is a suburb of Chicago.

The new roller coaster will be the latest in a series of new attractions that U.S. amusement parks have introduced in recent years, many of which we covered in “Amusement Parks: A Guide to Top Attractions, Hottest Rides & Best Values.”