FTC shuts down robocall scams by two companies

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Federal Trade Commission banned two companies from making robocalls to consumers, because the companies allegedly tricked consumers into deceptive interest-rate-reduction agreements for credit cards.

Ambrosia Web Design used prerecorded calls that urged consumers to “press 1” if they were interested in credit-card interest-rate-reduction services. Consumers who pressed 1 were connected to a telemarketer who promised to get them lower interest rates.

If consumers agreed to sign up, the telemarketer got their credit-card information and often charged an illegal advance fee before the company provided any service, FTC says.

The second company, which is called Treasure Your Success, tricked consumers into paying an upfront fee that was as high as $1,593, FTC says. After the company collected the fee, consumers typically failed to get any interest-rate reduction or savings, FTC says.