CES Live: Sharp reconfigures HDTV lineup

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Consumer Electronics Show—Sharp Electronics announced four reconfigured lines of high-definition TVs today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Of the four lines, the Aquos Quattron+ series is new. The Quattron+ is the first line of HDTVs that we heard announced at CES that also can display ultrahigh-definition, or 4K, content. The SQ models that are in the series include 60- and 70-inch screens and have an opening MSRP of $2,300. Sharp will ship these models to retailers in February 2014. The UQ models (to be shipped in March 2014) include 60-, 70- and 80-inch models and have the latest THX-certified digital processing. They start at an MSRP of $3,000.

Sharp updated its entry-level Aquos HD line with 60-, 70-, 80- and 90-inch models have a starting MSRP of $1,300. They will hit retail stores in January 2014.

Sharp’s regular Aquos Quattron line, which adds a fourth pixel, yellow, to the standard red, green and blue composition of HDTVs, now includes 60- and 70-inch models. The two new models will be shipped in February 2014, and the opening MSRP is $1,700.

Sharp’s highest-resolution line, the 4K Ultra HD line, will include new 60- and 70-inch models. The models will be shipped to retailers in spring 2014, the company says. Their MSRPs will start at $5,000, which makes these models the two least expensive 4K TVs that we found on the consumer market.

– K. Keeker