TSA: For international flights, electronic devices must power up

July 9, 2014—Airport security agents will confiscate any cellphones, notebook computers and tablet computers that can’t be powered up when you pass through security checkpoints at certain overseas airports that facilitate direct flights to the United States.

Goodyear rolls out roadside towing service

July 8, 2014—Goodyear Tire & Rubber introduced a towing service that hauls stranded motorists and their vehicles to the nearest participating Goodyear Tire & Service Network location.

United Airlines to adopt price-based frequent-flier system

June 10, 2014—United Airlines today became the second major airline in 2014 to alter the way that it awards frequent-flier passengers, following Delta Air Lines’ move to base award miles on the price of a ticket rather than on the distance of a route.

Southwest fined again for false advertising on fares

May 30, 2014—Wanna get away with deceptive advertising? Southwest Airlines apparently does. For the second time in 11 months, Department of Transportation fined Southwest $200,000 for violating DOT’s full-fare advertising rules.

AT&T aims for 2015 launch of in-flight 4G LTE service

May 23, 2014—AT&T plans to raise the bar for wireless connectivity . . . by about 35,000 feet. The wireless telecommunications company said it will launch an in-flight service by late 2015 that will allow passengers to connect smartphones and computers to the Internet by using a 4G LTE network.

Trampolines sent 1 million to ER in 10-year span

May 9, 2014—Trampolines are all fun and games until someone gets hurt, and a study in Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics finds that trampolines accounted for at least 1 million emergency-room visits from 2002 to 2011.

FTC updates ethanol labels, approves infrared testing

March 27, 2014—Federal Trade Commission proposed changes to its Fuel Rating Rule today that recognizes a new octane-rating method and revises requirements for blends of gasoline that have more than 10 percent ethanol.