Health insurance safe for now from fight over federal subsidies

July 25, 2014—Consumers who purchase subsidized health insurance through markets that are run by the federal government likely have no reason to worry about a federal courts clash that challenges the legality of such subsidies, three independent health-insurance experts tell Consumers Digest.

Feds bring hammer down on mortgage-relief scammers

July 25, 2014—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Trade Commission filed nine lawsuits against individuals and companies that collected at least $25 million in illegal advance fees for mortgage-relief services.

FTC says company failed to vet ‘Made in USA’ labeling claims

July 22, 2014—A company that sells a “Made in USA” certification seal to marketers today agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by allowing companies to use the seal without independently verifying that those companies’ products were made in the United States.

Fake payday-loan peddlers settle FTC charges

July 15, 2014—The operators of a phantom payday lending scheme settled Federal Trade Commission charges that they used consumers’ personal financial information to take money from their bank accounts without consent after they falsely promised to help consumers to get loans.

Payday lender ACE to pay $10 million for illegal tactics

July 11, 2014—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau penalized one of the largest payday lenders in the United States for pushing borrowers into a cycle of debt and using illegal debt-collection practices to pressure overdue borrowers into taking out additional loans.

FTC suing Amazon for unauthorized in-app charges

July 10, 2014—Federal Trade Commission today filed a lawsuit against Amazon that says the company billed parents for millions of dollars in unauthorized charges that were the result of children using mobile applications that were downloaded or purchased from Amazon’s Appstore.

District court stops phantom-payday-loan debt collector

July 2, 2014—A U.S. district court has shut down a debt-collection operation that allegedly used deception and threats to collect $3.5 million in phantom payday-loan debts from consumers, Federal Trade Commission says.

FTC accuses T-Mobile of cramming

July 1, 2014—Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint that charges that mobile service provider T-Mobile USA made hundreds of millions of dollars by placing unauthorized charges on mobile-phone bills for bogus subscriptions from third-party scammers.

FTC stops deceptive debt-collection agency

June 27, 2014—A debt-collection company agreed to a federal court order that prohibits the company from using tactics that Federal Trade Commission says bullied consumers into paying debts and unnecessary fees.

FTC nabs companies that bilked home-based businesses

June 25, 2014—The Tax Club agreed to surrender assets to FTC that are worth at least $15 million, which FTC says will be used to refund consumers, and the agency imposed a judgment of at least $5.4 million on American Business Builders.

Judge halts shady operation aimed at Spanish speakers

June 24, 2014—Federal Trade Commission says Hispanic Global Way, Hispanic Network Connections and other companies that are run by the defendants in the case often sent consumers defective products, as well as incomplete and incorrect orders.

GE Capital customers to get $225 million in refunds

June 20, 2014—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau ordered Synchrony Bank, which was known formerly as GE Capital Retail Bank, to pay $225 million to nearly 750,000 consumers who were harmed by discriminatory and illegal credit-card practices.

Credit-repair company pays for violations

June 19, 2014—One of the largest U.S. credit-repair companies settled federal charges that it illegally charged consumers upfront fees for its services and made false statements to credit bureaus.

UPS to deliver new pricing model

June 19, 2014—Beginning Dec. 29, 2014, UPS will use the so-called dimensional weight of a shipment to calculate what it will charge for all UPS Ground services