Double Shot manufacturer settles FTC lawsuit

July 28, 2014—The marketers of a supposed weight-loss supplement agreed to pay Federal Trade Commission $500,000 to settle charges that they deceived consumers with erroneous claims.

Health insurance safe for now from fight over federal subsidies

July 25, 2014—Consumers who purchase subsidized health insurance through markets that are run by the federal government likely have no reason to worry about a federal courts clash that challenges the legality of such subsidies, three independent health-insurance experts tell Consumers Digest.

FDA gives green light to blood-cancer medication

July 24, 2014—Idelalisib, which is marketed as Zydelig by manufacturer Gilead Sciences, can be used in combination with Rituxan (rituximab) to treat patients whose chronic lymphocytic leukemia has returned, or relapsed.

Probiotics might help to reduce blood pressure, report says

July 22, 2014—Systolic blood pressure was lower by an average of 3.56 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) in adults who ate probiotics compared with the adults who didn’t, and diastolic blood pressure was lower by an average of 2.38 mm Hg.

Experts question report that touts organic produce

July 18, 2014—A new report suggests that organic fruits and vegetables deliver more nutritional benefits than does nonorganic produce. However, the study was funded in part by a foundation that supports organic farming, so consumers should remain skeptical of the findings.

Nickel in electronic devices might cause a skin rash

July 14, 2014—Children who use electronic devices such as notebook computers, smartphones and tablet computers are exposed to the possibility of an allergic reaction such as a rash if such a device contains nickel, according to a report.

Study verges on first blood test for Alzheimer’s

July 10, 2014—British scientists identified a set of 10 proteins in blood that can predict the onset of Alzheimer’s disease with 87 percent accuracy, which is the latest development in the search for the first blood test that predicts who might be at the highest risk to develop the disease.

FDA approves medication to treat rare lymphoma

July 7, 2014—Food and Drug Administration approved an injectable medication to treat patients who have a rare and fast-growing type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma that’s called peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL).

FDA approves insulin inhaler

July 2, 2014—The medication, which is called Afrezza Inhalation Powder and is manufactured by MannKind, is a fast-acting insulin that is administered at the beginning of each meal or within 20 minutes of starting a meal.

FTC uncovers deceptive L’Oréal claims

July 1, 2014—Cosmetics company L’Oréal USA settled charges by Federal Trade Commission that it made false and unsubstantiated claims about the anti-aging benefits of its Lancôme Génifique and L’Oréal Paris Youth Code products.

FDA: Don’t use teething medication on children

June 26, 2014—Parents shouldn’t rub medication on a baby’s gums to numb the pain of teething, because doing so can cause serious harm or even death, Food and Drug Administration says.