Picture this: VTech’s smart watch for kids has a camera

July 21, 2014—The Kidizoom Smartwatch ($60), which has a 1.4-inch color touch screen, can be connected to a home computer via a micro USB cable to charge the watch’s battery or to upload images, videos or voice recordings.

Nickel in electronic devices might cause a skin rash

July 14, 2014—Children who use electronic devices such as notebook computers, smartphones and tablet computers are exposed to the possibility of an allergic reaction such as a rash if such a device contains nickel, according to a report.

FTC suing Amazon for unauthorized in-app charges

July 10, 2014—Federal Trade Commission today filed a lawsuit against Amazon that says the company billed parents for millions of dollars in unauthorized charges that were the result of children using mobile applications that were downloaded or purchased from Amazon’s Appstore.

2015 Sonata debuts without phone-control programs

July 10, 2014—Hyundai Motor’s redesigned Sonata initially will be sold without Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto phone-control software installed, a spokesperson says, but Hyundai plans to permit buyers to have the programs added at the dealership once the software is available for installation.

Nokia’s Lumia 635 gets staggered launch via T-Mobile

July 3, 2014—T-Mobile USA customers will get the first shot at buying the Nokia Lumia 635, which is the first U.S. smartphone that uses the Windows 8.1 operating system and is compatible with 4G LTE, which is the fastest cellular network

FTC accuses T-Mobile of cramming

July 1, 2014—Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint that charges that mobile service provider T-Mobile USA made hundreds of millions of dollars by placing unauthorized charges on mobile-phone bills for bogus subscriptions from third-party scammers.

Teen driver tracking apps weigh cost against privacy

June 25, 2014—Allstate introduced a smartphone tool that monitors the driving habits of teenagers, but we couldn’t help but wonder whether the information that’s gleaned will be used to raise automobile-insurance rates for parents or for the teen when he/she gets his/her own policy.

Google, Microsoft promise kill switch

June 19, 2014—The Kill Switch movement is alive and well, based on Google and Microsoft’s plans to roll out technology that disables a smartphone when it’s lost or stolen.

Amazon introduces Fire smartphone

June 18, 2014—Amazon officially entered the world of smartphones today, as the world’s largest online retailer unveiled the Fire. The phone will be sold exclusively through AT&T and goes on sale July 25.

FTC slams crammers

June 16, 2014—The operators of a massive cramming operation agreed to relinquish at least $10 million in assets to settle Federal Trade Commission charges.