Bike light is designed to prevent collisions with vehicles and pedestrians

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A new laser light aims to make it safer to ride your bicycle on busy city streets.

Blaze’s Laserlight is mounted onto the handlebars of a bicycle, or bike, and has a conventional white LED headlight as well as a laser that projects a green image of a bike onto the road. The projected image is designed to warn vehicle drivers as well as pedestrians.

The most common collision that involves a bike and a vehicle is when the vehicle that’s going in the same direction as the bike turns into the path of the bike, according to Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center. In that regard, the Laserlight is designed to alert drivers when a bike might be in a vehicle’s blind spot, according to Blaze.

Although cyclists can adjust the laser to project closer or farther, Blaze CEO and Laserlight inventor Emily Brooke tells Consumers Digest that the ideal projection range is 16–20 feet. Brooke says the image can be seen by bus drivers at that range when a bicyclist is in the blind spot of a bus.

The rechargeable light costs $200 and is available for preorder only via the company’s website, The first orders will be shipped Feb. 26, 2014, Brooke says. No immediate plans exist to sell Laserlight on U.S. retailers’ websites or in stores that are in the United States.

– K. Carlson