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Feds bring hammer down on mortgage-relief scammers

July 25, 2014—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Trade Commission filed nine lawsuits against individuals and companies that collected at least $25 million in illegal advance fees for mortgage-relief services.

Health insurance safe for now from fight over federal subsidies

July 25, 2014—Consumers who purchase subsidized health insurance through markets that are run by the federal government likely have no reason to worry about a federal courts clash that challenges the legality of such subsidies, three independent health-insurance experts tell Consumers Digest.

FTC says company failed to vet ‘Made in USA’ labeling claims

July 22, 2014—A company that sells a “Made in USA” certification seal to marketers today agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it deceived consumers by allowing companies to use the seal without independently verifying that those companies’ products were made in the United States.

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Aluminum repairs could take time, cost more

As more vehicles include aluminum parts in their construction to lighten vehicle weight and improve fuel economy, you should know that these parts will be expensive to repair and that repairs could take longer to complete.

Grocery store merger means more choices

The purchase of Safeway by the parent company of the Albertsons grocery chain should mean minimal visible changes to the two supermarkets’ stores, an industry expert says. Wider selection at Albertsons is the most likely outcome.

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