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Feds bring hammer down on mortgage-relief scammers

July 25, 2014—Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Federal Trade Commission filed nine lawsuits against individuals and companies that collected at least $25 million in illegal advance fees for mortgage-relief services.

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The role of reverse mortgages

Authors of a report that was published March 2014 in Journal of Financial Planning argue that reverse mortgages, which are loans that provide borrowers with cash payments that are based on the equity of a borrower’s home, should play an important role in retirees’ financial planning.

Bright spots in home-equity loans

Homeowner equity rose by nearly $4 trillion in the 2 years that ended 2013, or an average of $54,000 per homeowner, according to Federal Reserve.

Smell the flavor

Chefs and food scientists know that your nose plays just as important of a role as your taste buds do in how you perceive flavor.

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