Wireless help for your plants

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Parrot’s new Flower Power is a 4-inch Y-shape wireless monitor that you stick in your soil, where it reportedly measures the fertilizer level, moisture, temperature and sunlight.

A built-in library of at least 6,000 plants determines whether your soil has the appropriate conditions. The monitor also sends alerts to your Apple iOS device—support for Google Android devices will be available later in 2014—via Bluetooth to let you know whether you should water your plant, add fertilizer or find a location that provides better light.

The Flower Power ($60) lasts 6 months on a single AAA battery, Parrot says, and it can chart data for up to 1 year. The company tells us that the monitor measures the soil conditions in a 4-inch diameter, and it can measure the soil for plants both indoors and outdoors.

K. Keeker