Limits of socialization

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Too much time spent socializing with others can have a negative effect on a senior citizen’s memory.

A study that was published online in the journal Menopause in April 2014 tested the memory of 186 women who were between the ages of 57 and 68. Researchers found that women who spent at least 5 days with grandchildren scored the lowest on the test. Conversely, women who spent at least 1 day with their grandchildren scored the best. Although the study focused on women and grandchildren, Dr. Margery Gass of The North American Menopause Society says it built upon previous studies that show how socialization can help all seniors with respect to their memory.

Gass says signs such as physical fatigue, impatience with others and feelings of resentment toward others for demanding too much of a senior’s time are indicators that a senior should take a break from socializing.