Grocery shopping, delivery options increasing online

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Options are multiplying for consumers to put together a grocery shopping list online, have their purchases picked out for them and to pick them up or have them delivered to their home.

Stores typically charge $10 for delivery during a 2-hour window. Orders larger than $150 at Safeway cost $9.95 to deliver; orders less than $150 carry a fee of $12.95. Albertsons, Kroger and Publix don’t deliver; King Soopers delivers only in the Denver area for $10 per order. Walmart stores that are in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Denver are testing a model that has free curbside pickup as well as delivery for varying fees. In the mid-Atlantic and the South, Harris Teeter charges $4.95 for pickup. Whole Foods Market works with startup Instacart to provide home delivery in seven major cities. Delivery is $14.99 for a 1-hour turnaround and $3.99 for 2 hours.

Web-only startups have emerged to compete with the brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon delivers in San Francisco, Seattle and Southern California under the name Amazon Fresh, with a unique model in the California locations, where Fresh is a $200 upgrade to a $99-per-year Amazon Prime subscription. Good Eggs serves Brooklyn, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Francisco with a slightly different model: Home delivery is free if users don’t mind a 3-hour window, but a more specific delivery time costs $4.99.