FDA targets obesity with label changes

Food and Drug Administration proposed a redesign to the “Nutrition Facts” label that’s found on all packaged food, with the goal of reducing the obesity rate.

Theaters to test weekly discounts

Theaters in one state soon will test a weekly discount on movie tickets, concessions or both to see whether they can drive up attendance on a weeknight.

New material means better speakers

A development in speaker materials will lead to clearer sound and less distortion, acoustics experts say, although they can’t state with certainty that the average listener will hear a difference.

Airport security proposal would boost public safety

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released recommendations to improve security within airports, and two sources say the recommendations will have a limited effect in some ways but won’t result in longer lines at security.

Headphone growth to continue

Shelves at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other stores are packed with headphones. The increase in selection is a good thing for consumers, industry sources say.

One-copy album more ‘gimmick’ than trend

Rap group Wu-Tang Clan made headlines for the way that it will release its next album, “The Wu—Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.” As of press time, the group planned to take the album on a “listening tour,” then auction off the only copy of the album.

Grocery store merger means more choices

The purchase of Safeway by the parent company of the Albertsons grocery chain should mean minimal visible changes to the two supermarkets’ stores, an industry expert says. Wider selection at Albertsons is the most likely outcome.

Stream video on United

United Airlines now lets you stream video in flight free on Apple devices. The service will be available to users of Google Android devices by the end of 2014.

More Android devices to read fingerprints

Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 brings fingerprint-recognition technology to Google Android mobile devices, while other mobile devices will use the security measure by late 2014.

Chemical to stay in fast-food products

Subway no longer uses the chemical azodicarbonamide in its bread, but other fast-food restaurants say they’ll continue to use it in their products.

Southwest won’t fly far from home

Southwest Airlines is expected to begin service to destinations outside of the United States in July 2014. However, we’re told that the airline won’t fly too far from home.

Better security for credit cards

By 2015, increasingly more retailers will accept credit cards that have a microchip embedded in them that provides increased fraud protection, we’re told.

App allows hotel check-in

Guests at select Starwood hotels soon will have the option of checking in to their room with their smartphone.

CVS quits tobacco, could pick up e-cigarettes

CVS’ highly publicized decision to stop selling tobacco products won’t affect either the price or the availability of tobacco products overall, experts say. What’s more, we’re told that CVS might sell e-cigarettes, which also contain nicotine.