New material means better speakers

A development in speaker materials will lead to clearer sound and less distortion, acoustics experts say, although they can’t state with certainty that the average listener will hear a difference.

Headphone growth to continue

Shelves at Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other stores are packed with headphones. The increase in selection is a good thing for consumers, industry sources say.

Don’t fall for gift-card scams

In February 2014, Federal Trade Commission fined scammers who falsely promised free gift cards to consumers and sold consumer information. Unfortunately, these scams aren’t going away.

3-D smartphone display not a myth

According to rumor, Amazon is designing and building a smartphone that will appear to be 3-D without the use of 3-D glasses, thanks to tiny cameras that capture head or eye movement and generate a 3-D image.

Stream video on United

United Airlines now lets you stream video in flight free on Apple devices. The service will be available to users of Google Android devices by the end of 2014.

More Android devices to read fingerprints

Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 brings fingerprint-recognition technology to Google Android mobile devices, while other mobile devices will use the security measure by late 2014.

App allows hotel check-in

Guests at select Starwood hotels soon will have the option of checking in to their room with their smartphone.

Beware of additional Apple app charges

Apple now notifies parents of a 15-minute window during which children can rack up charges from purchases that are made inside of a mobile application when they sign in to certain apps.

Case enables iPhone mobile payments

Unlike Google Android phones, Apple iPhones don’t let you make payments by holding the phone up against a sensor. A smartphone case for the iPhone 5s now lets users do just that.