Don’t fall for gift-card scams

In February 2014, Federal Trade Commission fined scammers who falsely promised free gift cards to consumers and sold consumer information. Unfortunately, these scams aren’t going away.

FDA guidelines on honey fall short

New guidelines from Food and Drug Administration won’t do enough to spell out to consumers the difference between pure honey products and those that use added ingredients, we’re told.

Robocall scam gets hung up

We reported on robocall scams that involved medical-alert devices in our November/December 2013 issue. The largest of these scams has been stopped, but that won’t end the problem, we're told.

Beware of additional Apple app charges

Apple now notifies parents of a 15-minute window during which children can rack up charges from purchases that are made inside of a mobile application when they sign in to certain apps.

Same cars, different crash safety ratings

After Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave marginal or poor ratings to 10 of the 11 subcompact cars that it tested in January 2014, we wondered whether it would affect how National Highway Traffic Safety Administration generates its crash-test ratings. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that it will.

The wrong prescription for off-label medications

We reported on how pharmaceutical companies can mismarket off-label prescriptions in “A Dangerous Practice: How Drug Companies Bend FDA Rules” in our May/June 2013 issue. Unfortunately, nothing suggests that better regulation of off-label-prescription practices is forthcoming.

Ransomware can lock up your files

We reported in our November/December 2012 issue on malware that threatens to hold your computer files ransom. Malware now exists that delivers on that threat.

Payday lender gripes pay off

We’re hopeful that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s review of consumer complaints against payday lending services could better regulate the industry and better protect consumers from predatory practices.

App shares info with advertisers

Android users who downloaded the Brightest Flashlight Free mobile application unwittingly had tracking information shared with advertisers. That will change.

Don’t answer phone for ‘IRS’

Email scams that try to collect on phony taxes are easy to avoid. However, Internal Revenue Service says a similar scam now exists that uses the telephone.

New label rules for meds

A proposed rule by Food and Drug Administration would require manufacturers of generic medications to update safety information on their products immediately upon notifying FDA.