Toyota gives Camry a makeover for 2015

Toyota announced in April 2014 that it will release a new Camry that will have a sleeker, sportier design to maintain the Camry’s spot as the market’s top-selling vehicle.

High temps’ effect on EV battery range

A report that AAA released in March 2014 found that outdoor temperatures that are higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit can shorten the battery range of an electric vehicle (EV) by 34 percent.

Aluminum repairs could take time, cost more

As more vehicles include aluminum parts in their construction to lighten vehicle weight and improve fuel economy, you should know that these parts will be expensive to repair and that repairs could take longer to complete.

Tesla won’t deal with dealerships

Tesla says it will continue to sell its vehicles directly to consumers, even as it faces pressure from dealerships to sell its vehicles in showrooms.

Fines might be consumers’ gain

Fines that Department of Justice levied on Toyota Motor and was expected to issue to General Motors will lead the two automakers to offer incentives for consumers in the short term, experts say.

Shedding light on solar-powered vehicles

Ford Motor’s C-Max Solar Energi concept car made its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2014. However, a vehicle that runs on solar power alone still is years away.

Hyundai introduces smart trunk

Hyundai Motor is taking the proximity key in a new direction with the 2015 Genesis, which premiered at the North American International Auto Show in January 2014.

Honda pulls the plug on Insight

Honda Motor announced in February 2014 that it would discontinue production of the Insight, but we’re told that Honda still will sell its hybrid CR-Z and hybrid versions of the Accord and Civic.

More vehicles to go aluminum

More vehicles are being redesigned to use aluminum in place of steel. For consumers, this will lead to lighter vehicles and greater fuel savings.

Bill would block black box access

As of press time, 14 states give consumers ownership of location, safety and speed information that automakers collect via an in-vehicle event data recorder, or “black box.” These protections could be implemented nationwide by 2015.

Fuel-cell vehicles to stay in short supply

Honda Motor and Toyota Motor say they’ll bring new fuel-cell vehicles to market by 2015, and Hyundai Motor isn’t far behind. However, we’re told that the vehicles will be in short supply for consumers.