Beware of phony Verizon robocalls

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If you get an unsolicted robocall that claims to be from Verizon Tech Support, it’s probably a scammer, Verizon says.

The robocall tells consumers that they’ll receive a cash voucher that can be applied to their wireless account if they supply personal information on a Verizon website. Consumers are asked to verify their account with their cellphone number, account password and the last four digits of their Social Security number. This puts them at risk of identity theft, Verizon says, because the websites are fake. The robocall doesn’t say why consumers are eligible for the voucher.

The fake websites use the company’s name, logo and colors. Ray McConville of Verizon says the scam is run through numerous fake websites and isn't limited to Verizon customers. He says Verizon won’t ask for your Social Security number or personal account information, and customers should use their password only at or