Apple experts: Patent filings sometimes might be a ruse

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Just because they could do it doesn’t mean that they will.

Apple made headlines in April 2014 for filing for a patent on a removable camera lens for smartphones, but the company probably doesn’t intend to use the patent for its coming iPhone 6, says Andy Ihnatko, who is a technology columnist for Chicago Sun-Times.

“Apple patents a lot of ideas, and some of them are chicken feed to mask the gold that they’re actually patenting,” he says. A removable camera lens for an iPhone “doesn’t look like something Apple would ever do.” Apple fans online agreed, voicing their displeasure over the “annoying” design.
The design requires a raised ring around the camera lens, which flies in the face of Apple’s simple, streamlined design, Ihnatko says.

Leander Kahney, who is the editor and publisher of the Apple-oriented news website Cult of Mac, says Apple patents “every idea that its designers and engineers come up with,” even if it doesn’t plan to incorporate them.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be released in September 2014.