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  • Expert fears premium for ‘green cremation’

    An alternative to cremating a deceased person’s body is emerging, but buyers should be wary of premiums.

  • Grocery store merger means more choices

    The purchase of Safeway by the parent company of the Albertsons grocery chain should mean minimal visible changes to the two supermarkets’ stores, an industry expert says. Wider selection at Albertsons is the most likely outcome.

  • New material means better speakers

    A development in speaker materials will lead to clearer sound and less distortion, acoustics experts say, although they can’t state with certainty that the average listener will hear a difference.

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  • The role of reverse mortgages

    Authors of a report that was published March 2014 in Journal of Financial Planning argue that reverse mortgages, which are loans that provide borrowers with cash payments that are based on the equity of a borrower’s home, should play an important role in retirees’ financial planning.

  • Instant rewards emerge for credit, debit cards

    If you love to rack up points and get cash back on your credit-card purchases but would like more immediate gratification, two new services do just that.

  • IRA transfers: Trust your trustees

    A U.S. Tax Court ruling in April 2014 restricts how often that you can move funds between an individual retirement account (IRA) and similar accounts.

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