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The Great Equalizer: Consumers Digest’s Ultimate Auto Showroom

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As a consumer, you seldom are in a position to know everything that the salesperson knows. But with this tool you do, so that you can negotiate from a position of strength.

The Ultimate Auto Showroom is simple to use yet comprehensive in its detail. You can find out the exact dealer invoice pricing; the standard equipment of each trim level of a vehicle; the bottom line on any options that you desire; the special taxes that will come into play—for a comparison of up to three vehicles at a time on screen. And it doesn’t cost you a dime to print out a report that includes all this information to take with you when you’re ready to buy. This is why we call our Ultimate Auto Showroom the “The Great Equalizer.”

So, click the link at left or the ad at right to explore, have fun and shift the leverage in your favor.

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