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CD’s Complete Interactive New Car Guide

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Deciding on which of more than 250 cars, pickups, minivans, SUVs and hybrids on the market to spend an average of nearly $30,000 can be unnerving. Go figure. Many buyers fear that they will end up paying more for a new vehicle than they need to pay, because they aren’t educated enough about the process or specific models or because a crafty salesperson might mislead them.

For example, a salesperson might tell you that a certain option is available only via an options package, despite the fact that you can order the option on its own. Purchasing the package might cost you four or five times more money than purchasing the option alone would—not to mention the fact that you might be paying for other options that you didn’t truly care to have. To prevent such a situation from happening, you need the pricing information that dealers are given by the manufacturers. Where do you get that? Here!

Consumers Digest’s Complete Interactive New Car Guide features its Ultimate Auto Showroom. This includes data on options and standard features and MSRP and dealers’ invoice pricing across multiple trim levels that come direct from the automakers. You’ll never have the wool pulled over your eyes about these things by a salesperson again. Show them the numbers on your mobile device, or print out our report—for free—at home and show them in black-and-white.

The Complete Interactive New Car Guide also includes our automotive Best Buy recommendations, to further improve your position in assessing which vehicle(s) are right for you. These provide our expert reviews of the vehicles, our behind-the-wheel experiences and performance specs.

Articles based on our investigations of what automakers are doing inside vehicles to increase passenger and cargo space and the trade-offs of purchasing a hybrid or electric car versus cost of ownership are included, too. So are sneak previews of 2015-model-year cars, pickups and SUVs and automakers’ warranty information.

If you use the information presented in this e-publication properly, you’ll find the car, pickup, minivan, SUV or hybrid that best suits your needs and budget and almost certainly save yourself hundreds—perhaps thousands—of dollars on the transaction.

To access Consumers Digest’s Complete Interactive New Car Guide, click the link at left or the ad at right.

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