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Ford F-150 adds engines, subtracts weight in 2015 models

July 23, 2014—Ford Motor says the 2015 F-150 will be at least 700 pounds lighter than that of the previous model year because of the use of military-grade aluminum alloy in the body and the cargo box, as well as the use of high-strength steel.

Mercedes unveils new S65 AMG Coupe

July 16, 2014—Mercedes-Benz says the new S65 AMG Coupe will arrive at U.S. dealerships in October 2014 but, to no one’s surprise, the German sports car will have a price that’s out of reach for most consumers.

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Related Department Briefs

Toyota gives Camry a makeover for 2015

Toyota announced in April 2014 that it will release a new Camry that will have a sleeker, sportier design to maintain the Camry’s spot as the market’s top-selling vehicle.

High temps’ effect on EV battery range

A report that AAA released in March 2014 found that outdoor temperatures that are higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit can shorten the battery range of an electric vehicle (EV) by 34 percent.

Aluminum repairs could take time, cost more

As more vehicles include aluminum parts in their construction to lighten vehicle weight and improve fuel economy, you should know that these parts will be expensive to repair and that repairs could take longer to complete.

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Automotive Recalls

BMW cites air bag failure in 2000–2006 vehicle recall

July 21, 2014—BMW recalled certain 2000–2006 vehicles, because a defect that’s in in the passenger-side front air bag might produce excessive internal pressure that could cause the air-bag inflator to rupture upon deployment.

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