About Us

July 1, 2011

Please join us in celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Consumers Digest magazine and the launch of our new website: ConsumersDigest.com. Our mission always has been and always will be about saving you time, saving you money, and educating you about how to become a smarter consumer in a complex and often confusing marketplace, so that you can buy with confidence.

Life was much simpler back in 1960, when the first issue of Consumers Digest was published by Arthur Weber, the company’s founder, who was an electrical engineer by trade and who had a vision that was fueled by pure entrepreneurial spirit. Actually, the first “issue” was a 4-inch-by-6-inch powder-blue pamphlet in small, hard-to-read type. Back then, the price of a Chevrolet Impala ranged from $2,070 for a base sedan to $2,270 for the convertible or station-wagon model. A Cadillac Coupe De Ville started at $3,915.

We listed makes and models back then that have long since disappeared, including the Chevrolet Corvair, Chrysler Saratoga, De Soto Adventurer, Dodge Polara, Ford Falcon, Imperial Crown, Mercury Monterey, Plymouth Fury, Rambler Rebel and Studebaker Hawk.

Fifty years is a long time by any economic or business-based measure. We all have come a very long way since 1960. Our staff of dedicated professionals continues to raise the bar in terms of producing high-quality editorial content that provides you with an endless stream of practical advice, factual evaluations and specific recommendations across an extremely broad spectrum of products and services. In addition to this ongoing core editorial commitment, Consumers Digest routinely provides readers with a wealth of behind-the-scenes perspective, in-depth research and strategic insight on a variety of hot topics. Our editors ask the tough questions to give you useful information in an easy-to-absorb format that’s designed to empower you and protect your interests. It’s a world-class informational resource that we all are immensely proud of … and a whole lot more.

And now, this resource is available literally at your fingertips, accessible 24/7 and completely portable to service all of your consumer-information needs. Our Best Buy recommendations have been and will continue to be updated across more than 3 years’ worth of rolling archived editorial reviews so that you routinely can find these specific models on store shelves or purchase them online. We also offer you the capability to build and price any new car—even on any mobile device—free of charge.

In the months ahead, we’ll expand our Phase One website capabilities with the introduction of many innovative new features and services that are designed to give you a rewarding user experience.

As always, Consumers Digest magazine remains available on newsstands throughout the United States, in addition to its worldwide availability online at ConsumersDigest.com. See for yourself just how much this vast informational resource can help to simplify your life.